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Airbrushing is definitely the best way to achieve a perfect, all-natural look! Here’s how it works: a modest amount of uniquely formulated makeup is transformed into a lightweight, super-fine mist and redirected precisely where it truly is required. All these microdots provide you with the coverage you wish, whilst still permitting your natural tones showing through. The result is flawless, natural, and undetectable coverage, making use of the minimum quantity of foundation feasible. Airbrush foundation makeup uses an ultra-lightweight formula to smooth the look of wrinkles and fine lines and enhance the overall look of skin, providing you with a smooth, dewy and color-enhanced skin tone. Now you can also achieve the appearance of the superstars!

Airbrush makeup is perspiration, smear, and split resilient, along with its perfect application lasts onto the skin throughout the day – so long as 9 – 12 hours or even more without any chances of caking or streaking! It’s non-comedogenic, that means it won’t clog your pores, aggrivate your skin simply because the foundation doesn’t absorb into your skin but instead just sits on the top. Therefore, the skin will be able to breathe and appear glowing & sparkling all day long.

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